All Rivers Zen Study Group is a  philosophy study group founded in 2017.  Our group believes that the understanding and practice of the Zen way of life is inherently non-denominational and works for the betterment of our members, our communities, and the world at large. Our free online classes are informative, full of lively discussion and open  to anyone who wants to learn more about this ancient life philosophy.

All Rivers Zen Study Group is led by Soto Zen Monk Bruce Hogen Lambson

Bruce began his Buddhist studies and practice in 1994. He moved from Seattle to Salt Lake City in 2003 to join the Kanzeon Zen Center and spent 7 years there studying and practicing under Abbot Genpo Roshi, and with associate teachers Daniel Doen Silberberg, Diane Musho Hamilton and Michael Mugaku Zimmerman.


He was ordained as a monk in 2005 by Genpo Roshi and served as Executive Director for Kanzeon Zen Center from 2004 to 2010.

He currently lives in Sandy, Utah with his wife Jenny and daughter Celeste. 


All Rivers Zen Study Group


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